Vanquish – The Adventures of Lady Exton – Now Available!


Meet Lady Exton.

The survival of the human world is at stake!

Guide the Lady through multiple unlockable levels with quirky Mechanoids & Mechanoid bosses waiting to get their steely butts kicked!An artistic continuous runner with simplistic tapping to jump, glide, shoot & fight your way to victory!The simple controls make it easy to pick up but challenge your reflexes as you progress.

How to play:
– Lady Exton will run continuously. Tap to make her jump
– Mid-jump, tap again (as fast as you can to go higher) and hold to glide. Release to stop gliding, or let her ease out of the glide
– Scale walls with a combination of jumping and gliding
– Some Mechanoids can only be killed by jumping on them, while some need to be shot at
– Collect cogs to earn points. They will also be the beacons guiding you. Try to get a perfect 100 on each level.