Animation Xpress.com: Runestone Studios to Release New Levels of Debut Game Vanquish – The Adventures of Lady Exton

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An action packed 2D game, filled with immersive levels and filling you up with deep curiosity to play further is this game titled ‘Vanquish- the Adventures of Lady Exton’, which revolves around a female protagonist Lady Exton. This side-scrolling platformer set in a Steampunk inspired world is the debut game of Runestone Studios, a new entrant in the Indian Gaming Gallery, which is a division of the Tasaa Group.

The Game play of ‘Vanquish – TAOLE’ as the game is fondly called, orbits around the concept that the survival of the human world is at stake! The player needs to guide Lady Exton through multiple unlock able levels and worlds with quirky Mechanoids.

Founded and spearheaded by Rushabh Shah, Runestone, is currently delivering services in game design, game development keeping a deep eye on the mobile gaming fraternity and are truly dedicating itself to make place in the international gaming markets by innovating all genre games which meets the thoughts of global gaming fraternity as a whole!

And now Runestone is all gearing up to release exclusive updates on this game, which Rushabh describes as creatively challenging with plenty of new scenic backgrounds and added obstacles in the path of Lady Exton.

While Rushabh is overseeing the studio operations as the Lead Programmer and Game Designer, the studio also has expertise of Neti Shah, who plays the role of the senior animator and game artist.

Speaking to AnimationXpress.com’s Zeenia Boatwala about Runestone, Rushabh Shah, Founder of the studio shares, “The Tasaa Group is a vibrant and dynamic corporate and a key player in the multi- million global market of Information Technology. Having set a high standard of performance over two decades, we are proud to announce the debut of our new game design and development venture, Runestone Studios.

Adds further, “ We’re looking out to create innovative and fun IP for mobile, console and PC platforms and our target would be to maintain the quality of design and content and hope to engage with consumers through increased quality of the content we produce.”

An interesting change that was brought out during the planning of this game was that, the studio had initially decided on a male protagonist for this game, but it finally evolved tothe choice of casting a Lady.

Rushabh emphasizes on this change by saying, “I think, the lady appeals to the Steampunk genre and makes game more interesting. It was a positive significant development which made the story and game play more exciting.”

For Runestone, simple controls has been the main motto behind creating this game and they’ve included simple play options composed with tapping to jump, glide, shoot & fight your way to victory. The studio has managed to complete this game within 2 months time with team strength of 3 artists working on it.

For creating the look and feel for this game, the team has gone through extensive research on design, animation and game play.

Neti, informs, “We were very inspired by Steam punk– artwork, short films and series such as Avatar: The Last Airbender. We incorporated our own artistic style and vision to create unique visuals. We experimented with different treatments and played with rich colors and textures and with an emphasis on background and character design.” Rushabh adds “We released a beta PC version to get feedback from players and received some very valuable inputs that we were able to incorporate when we made it for the mobile platform. We aim to learn as we go along – and we do have a long way to go!”

Is audience the king? Yes it is in the case of Runestone as they’ve taken into consideration as much feedback as was provided by the audience, “There were some features which our gamers wanted us to instill and we’ve done that for them!! We believe in delivering what the audience wants.”

“We adopt a model based on the kind of game we are developing and for Vanquish; we have adopted the premium model. Also, we have a free ad supported version of the game on Android.” Concludes, Rushabh

This game is available as a free or paid android app from Google Play or you can download it for your Ipone, Ipad from the App Store. To keep yourself updated about the upcoming levels of this game, you can visit the links given below:

Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tasaa.vanquishtaolefree&feature=more



Also, you can get in touch with the studio by calling them on +91-22-65251063 or emailing on
query@runestonestudios.in and also can visit their website by logging on to http://www.runestonestudios.in/