YourGuy Concierge App

YourGuy concierge app is designed to cater to a person’s every need. From movie bookings, to food delivery, to travel information, its aim is to make life easier for its user. It provides an incredible array of information at the user’s fingertips in a simple, clean interface, allowing them to book and order in a matter of minutes.
Runestone Studios was involved with this venture from the beginning. From designing the logo, User Interface, User Experience, to working on the development of the app and website, we worked closely with the company to give the best results possible and make it a smooth and easy application to use.
We started off making wireframes and quick screenshots of the app, as they were approved they went through the final design round and the back end coding of the app. It was a challenging venture, working with the sheer amount of information that we had to present in a simple, logical way which was easy for our customers to make use of.
The app was launched in the month of April 2014 and we have been providing constant updates and new features to the app. YourGuy Concierge App is available in the Google play store as well as the App store.